How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last | Knowing All The Facts

How long do golf cart batteries last

How long do golf cart batteries last? A usual question you may come across in your mind. A Golf Cart is a significant piece of the golf game. A substantial advantage of the golf cart is it offers a handy way of moving around the golf course. And a most crucial and exciting part of it is the proficiency and efficiency of its battery.

Nothing lasts long in this world. So are Golf cart batteries. That doesn’t mean you’ll drive around and charge your cart batteries frequently. Frequent driving and charging batteries is not a joke at all. It can damage the lifespan of cart batteries.

You may be thinking that what can you do so that your golf cart lasts longer? No worries, this article will be quite helpful for you. Make sure to exercise the following tips given in this article. That will ensure your golf cart batteries will last longer.

Facts you should know about the golf cart batteries

There is a distinction between a golf cart and truck batteries. For starters, Golf cart batteries are 6volts while your truck uses a 12volts battery. It means you can’t shuffle them.

There is another factor you should know. That is, golf cart batteries only discharge while truck batteries recharge as you drive. You can move your truck the whole day long. But you can’t drive your golf cart the entire day long around the course. If you do so, it will affect the lifespan of your batteries. If you want to know about How old do you have to be to drive a golf cart then you can read our other blog posts also.

Types Of Golf Cart Batteries

Golf cart batteries are lead-acid batteries akin to car batteries. There are mainly three types of Lead Acid batteries for golf carts.

  • Flooded Lead Acid Batteries
  • AGM Lead Acid batteries
  • Gel Lead Acid Batteries

Flooded Lead Acid batteries will go with all golf cart applications, you can presume. Almost every golf cart in the world comes with this type of battery. If we talk about AGM and Gel batteries, they work likewise Flooded Lead Acid Batteries. That’s the reason very few carts use AGM or Gel batteries.

Tips for Extending life of your Cart Batteries

Follow the tips given below to keep your battery lasting longer with an excellent operating condition.

Charging your Golf Cart Batteries

Overcharging can bring trouble for your cart batteries. This thing can happen on the manual charger. Now modern automatic battery charger switches off when the battery is in full charge. Though all of us do not have this latest model that’s why we have to deal with the older models.

If you have an older version charger what can you do to protect your cart batteries from damage? A smart way to deal with this situation is to figure out how long it will take to charge fully and scheme it accordingly. Then you can set an alarm to notify you when it’s time to disconnect the charger. This way you can avoid overcharging eventual battery damage. 

Charging your golf cart batteries
Charging your golf cart batteries

Some of you may have a bad habit when it comes to charging cart batteries. That is to wait until the cart batteries totally drain before recharging it. This is another way to shorten the life span of the battery. Be very careful and recharge the cart batteries after every use. Make sure that you have enough time to charge the battery fully before getting to the game. You can also use Dual Pro Charger to stretch the lifespan of your golf cart.

Battery maintenance

Maintenance of battery is a vital part to protect your golf cart batteries from damage. That is another crucial thing to consider for taking care of your cart battery. Most golf carts use deep cycle batteries which require the proper water levels to function properly. If you are planning to spend a whole day long on the course make sure to check the water level of your battery.

Discharge Minutes

Do you know what battery discharge minutes mean? Simply battery discharge minutes mean the distance your golf cart will run when fully charged in normal functioning conditions. Normal functioning conditions include the warm temperature, inflated tires, and level terrain, etc.

The discharge minutes of a quality battery is at least 55 minutes at a temperature of 26 degrees. This kind of quality battery would be able to complete two18-hole golf course ground.


Cleaning your golf cart battery prevents your batteries from dust, dirt, and grime. Try to keep the tops of each golf cart battery dry clean, and tight. Make a solution of baking soda and water and clean the batteries with this solution. While doing this use rubber gloves and wear eye protection. To prevent corrosion and rust you can use spray cables with anti-corrosive. Be sure to keep the battery connectors tight at all times. Daily basis inspection is recommended. During vehicle operation and charging make sure the vent caps persist in place and are tight all the time. 


Battery brand or quality battery is also a significant factor to consider. As you know the quality battery will last longer than a cheap battery. Choose wisely while purchasing.

Golf Cart Battery Life Expectancy

As we said earlier, the lifespan of your golf cart batteries depends pretty much on handling, maintenance, and usage. Don’t use your cart continuously on hills. This will help your battery last longer than regular. If you do so that will decrease the life expectancy of your cart batteries.

Batteries on privately owned carts last longer than those on fleet carts. During peak seasons, private carts get used for 3-5 rounds while fleet carts get used for 2-3 rounds of golf per week. With proper maintenance, the batteries on fleet carts can last for around 4 to 6 years where private carts can last about 6 to 10 years out of their battery packs.

Don’t use your carts too much if you live on or near the golf course. This will also affect your battery life.

Battery Usage

Switch off everything such as electronic devices, lights, and any other accessories attached to the batteries if you are not using it. Leave these devices on can lads to a total discharge of the batteries. And this can reduce the battery life.

The driving style also affects the life of the battery. Don’t carry too many people than is necessary. And always try to maintain the recommended weight capacity.

Battery Replacement

In warm weather premium quality batteries last 3 to 4 years. On the other hand, premium quality batteries last 4 to 5 years in cool weather. In between, if your cart’s battery stop working make sure to recycle it and purchase a quality replacement. While purchasing replacement try to choose high amp amplitude.

Battery Replacement
Battery Replacement

Extra Tips to Extend the Life of Your Golf Cart Batteries   

  • Use refine water; avoid tap water. Using tap water can damage the battery as it may contain harmful chemicals for batteries.      
  • Bind a 3-phase battery charger and carefully connect the leads to the poles. Don’t lead the negative pole to the positive pole.
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged. When the battery gets fully charge indicator light turns on. Almost every charger has this feature.

Overheating affects the life of the battery. That’s why Enable the battery to discharge not more than 70%. Because the longer it takes to charge, the more it will overheat. Another reason for overheating is if you run the cart the whole day long until the battery runs dry.


When Should I Replace My Battery?

When it takes too much time to go up hills or longer charging times than before, it’s a sign that your cart batteries need replacement. On a single charge, an electric golf cart can maintain a speed of 10-12km/hr. An average golfer needs around 3.5 to 4 hours for a typical 18hole round of golf. A single charge is enough for this. If your cart slows down before this then you should look for a replacement as soon as possible.

How Long Do Golf Carts Last?

There are several factors behind it. Such as handling, maintenance, and usage of batteries. If you can ensure these then you can expect that your carts will last long. There are some replaceable parts in golf carts. If you find that any of your golf cart parts need replacement then do it.


As you know golf cart is an important part of a golf game. Then you also know that you have to choose quality batteries and maintain them properly. The usefulness of a golf cart lies in the battery. So choose a worthy one and don’t waste money on cheap batteries and chargers. 

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