How To Measure Golf Club Length? | 3 Easy & Proven Ways

How to Measure Golf Club Length

Are you already tired of searching for ways how to measure golf club length? But you don’t find any easy and effective way for measuring golf club length. Don’t worry we will help you to learn how to measure golf club length the right way so you get a comfortable fit for your Golf playing time. If you work with your own Golf club or another club then it is very important to measure their Golf club Lengths.

Your golf club’s length is a very important element of golf. If you think it’s very easy then you are wrong. It is more difficult to measure golf club length. You have golf clubs but it’s not proper Fitting for the length can be a significant supporter of conflicting execution.

In the meantime, all golfers must need to confirm which club they buy for playing Golf that is fitted with their body type and size. Measuring Golf club length is much more important particularly for those who are much shorter Players or taller players than the average Player heights. 

What is the Stanard length for a golf club?

First of all, we need to know what is the standard length for a golf club before learning how to measure golf club length. 

Though, the founder of Tom Wishon Golf Technology Tom Wishon Said that- there isn’t any standard length for a golf club. But there has a limitation. USGA refers that a golf club length should not up to 48 inches. so the length should be 48 inches or it’s lower. Maintain this limitation, you can make golf club sizes of any length depending on the golfer who plays the club. 

So let’s talk about our main topic. Multiple ways to doing it. We will help you to learn 3 easy and proven methods on how to measure golf club length. 

3 Proven methods on how to measure golf club

Method – 1: Golf club measuring 48-inch ruler or tape technique

This is a very Easy and Proven method for measuring Standard golf club. You can try this 48-inch ruler method in your home.

First of all, you need a 48-inch ruler or it’s greater for this technique. You want to use a measuring tape. Whatever you use, you will get better results. However, the flexibility of the tap can hinder the whole process. So, we recommend using a 48-inch measuring ruler.

If you ready to measure with the ruler in your hand then you can follow these steps more carefully.

  • Place the club in the playing position. 
  • Confirm that the club sole’s touching the ground.
  • The ruler must be placed behind the club when it touches the ground.
  • Align the part of a rule of the club by the club’s heel that touches the ground.
  • Finally, read from the end of using this ruler that touches the edge of the grip cap. 

Apply this technique should be kept in mind Two things. 

First Things: Carefully check out the figure That the club lie is Setup correctly. When you check out this you notice that errors in your reading, If the club position is incorrect.

Second things:  When you apply the process, do the opposite that means the heel is higher above the ground than the toe the club length will be increased from the Dynamic fitting.

Method -2 LDA Measuring Technique

LDA stands for Long Driver of America. Actually, this method is a 50-inch limit in length that for long drive competitions. If you decide, you will measure your Golf Club Size using by LDA Method following these steps below.

  • When the toe driver resting on the ground place the Shorter shaft against a wall.
  • The outcome is an any longer length depending on the driver’s lie.

There have some Golf Equipment makers who try to make a similar 48-inch rule that can be laid flat on a table for your club. Our main topic about how to measure golf club length is consistency with the tools.

Method – 3: USGA Golf club measuring technique

Finally, we talk to the last Technique about How to measure golf club length. USGA refers to United States Golf Association. USGA Using high-end devices for measuring apparatus with iron angled at 60 degrees.

If you have any doubt about the first two methods the 48 – inch method/ruler readings and LDA Technique, you can the method. You get 100% accurate measurements from the technique.

In this technique, there hasn’t any 48-inch limit and they exclude Putter when using the technique and get the right Club length measurement. Follow these steps for applying this method.

  • If you want to measure the Standard Lengths apparatus using a calibration device, then carefully make sure that the apparatus is placed in the playing and perfect position.
  • If the clubhead supports the apparatus then the clubhead should be resting on it.
  • Make sure that your soleplate positioned at a 60-degree angle. If you already do it then must place the clubhead against it.
  • The grip must need rest in the grip support.
  • Start your reading from the scale touching point to the end of the grip.

What do you see? We hope you get a different result from the Ruler method and LDA method. Obviously, this result is accurate from other methods.

Some USGA club measuring devices include a Digital readings Scale for Measurement with their device. With the USGA measuring method, you can get an additional 1/8″ club length.

Three Proven methods are correct we mentioned in our Article their own significance to different users.

Benefits to learn on how to measure golf club length

If you have more enough knowledge about how to Measure golf club shafts, you can get a better and comfortable fit when you playing as a Golfer in your club and it has these benefits.

You have able to know how to hit irons Straighter, able to do improve in distance control. You have better odds of driving the ball longer on the off chance that you have a head and club shaft combo that supplements the manner in which you swing. 

There are some other ways to get fitted as well. Putter – Putter lengths are the most important and used for fitting. Set a proper fitting for your puter as well or adjust this you are using now. Golf Ball – You can search for one that coordinates with your swing speed and twist rate.

What are Custom Golf Club Fitters and Where to Find Them?

Custom club fitters help you to find get the right length for your Golf Game club. 

The process starts when measuring the distance from the floor to the wrist. Finally, you get the chart that has a specific wrist to floor dimension to find the appropriate club length. 

At last, you find a club for golfing that Gives you more and advanced flexibility and easy to swing.

You can contact professionals already who have enough ample experience in this matter for finding a custom club fitter. You get golf retailers everything from the expert that can help you to the custom fitting through error and trial.

Always you have the independent fitters option. Although hard to find a professional who expert in this section, They can share the personalized experience with you. Obviously, big golf brands have a flexible fitness center. If such this one in your city, go and have visited.


In golf, customization isn’t always key for better playing.  Some people want to learn for better comfortable about this topic on how to measure golf club length, nothing else. Good golfs depend on the golfer’s body language, physical fitness, etc.

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