What Is A Golf Scramble | How To Play And Win


What is a golf scramble? In simple words, a scramble golf format is one of the most common golf tournament formats.  This format commonly used at large-scale golf events like charity events. A scramble’s main benefit is that it allows players of different skills to contribute to the team’s success. Not only this it also help speed play. Newcomers who are new to the format can rapidly pick up the rules and phraseology. The most popular scramble format is for four players. Though it can be played with fewer or more people.

In this guide, you will know the definition of scramble format, different types of scramble tournaments, and how to play and win a golf scramble tournament. Let’s get start!


In most cases, four players form a scramble team. Teams of four players compete against one another in the four-man scramble. Throughout the match, each team member hits their ball. From the first stroke or opening, team captains choose the best shot. And each player uses the same spot. After finishing one round, the team members select a location from where they can play another stroke. And after the completion of each hole, the procedure come to an end.

There are no strict rules in the scramble format. Even in some of the scramble matches, players can perform two tee shots. The organizers can also modify rules if they want. As a result, players can play with fun without the pressure of keeping individual scores. Now you know that this format doesn’t have an official format and formal rules.

Different Types of Scrambles

As you know earlier a scrambling team can have as many team members. But most scrambles use three and four team members in a team, to speed up rounds and increase participation.

Each team has three players in a three-player scramble. In most tournaments, two teams will compete against each other, creating friendly competition during the round.

Each team has four players in a four-player scramble. The round is normally played by four-player teams.  There are no other teams to compete in a 4-player scramble. The rounds usually finish faster when each player plays from the same place as if the four players played stroke play format.

 2-man Scramble VS 4-man scramble

The main difference between a 2-man golf scramble and a 4-man golf scramble is the number of team members. When tabulating scores the players’ handicaps are taken into account in most 2-man scramble competitions. On the contrary, Due to the number of team members on each team, handicaps are rarely taken into account in 4-man golf scrambles.

What are The Rules for Playing Golf Scramble?

There is no mention of scrambles in The United States Golf Association’s Rules of golf. Those regulations apply to stroke play and match play, respectively. Hazards, bunkers, and other similar limitations on the course are normally followed by scrambles according to USGA rules. However, the event organizer frequently establishes their own rules in order to give a fun outing.

Some Common rules in scrambles format are following

Rule 1

During the competition, each team’s four members take turns teeing off on each hole before agreeing on the best tee. The captain frequently chooses the best shot, which is usually the fairway’s longest dive.  After deciding the location for the next shot (second stroke) it is marked for visibility.

Rule 1
Rule 1

Rule 2

Then Each golfer will hit his ball from the chosen location and continue in this manner until the hole’s lowest score is attained. After that, the process will repeat itself on the following hole until the round is completed, with the score determined by hitting the hole.

Rule 2
Rule 2

Rule 3

Each team has only one ball and hence just one score per hole. The best score for each hole is aggregated. Then the total of each team best shots determine the rating of a scramble team. The scramble tournament is won by the team with the lowest combine score during the round.

Rule 3

Rule 4

If the result is a tie then the organizers will pick a random hole number and use the lowest score in that hole to determine the winner. For example, to break the tie hole number 6 can be drawn. If the score remains tied, the tournament administrators will request to continue the play from that hole until the tie is broken. In Scramble, players can speed up the game by playing for Bogey.

If you want to know about the rules and limitations carrying a golf club. Then read our guide about how many clubs in a golf bag in the blog section.

Strategies for winning at scramble golf

In a golf scramble, picking the appropriate playing order is crucial. Setting up the playing orders helps attain the best result because the top player may not be the greatest at all phases of the game. If a team wants to win a golf Scramble, they should let the weak players hit first and the best putter play last for each green.

Always choose the ball with the best lie and view to the hole when deciding which ball to play during our approach strokes. The goal of a scramble game is to get to the green in the fewest number of strokes possible. To cater to their confidence, golfers whose drive was chosen to be hit should be first on the second shot.

A scramble squad consist of great putters, good off-the-tee players, and one best player in the group. A player who can hit a long ball and another who can hit the ball correctly should be on the team. Most of the time, the player with the best accuracy should go first and put the ball in the fairway.

The longest hitter goes last since there is less pressure on him to hit the ball. And the players who require the most assistance to improve their tee shots wedges in the middle. Long balls and forward tees help a team get closer to a lower score and win the tournament.

Likewise, the team’s worst putter should take the first shot, followed by the team’s second-best putter, and finally the team’s best putter. When the ball is on the greens, the better putter should go last to guarantee that the hole is hit accurately. Shorter hitters should take their shots first on par-5s. If you want a better understanding of using golf clubs, then read our guide on when to use what golf clubs in the blog section.


A golf event can make or break based on choosing the right format for the golf tournament. For speeding up a game in most cases a match opts for a scramble golf format, particularly when high handicap players are invited. As a result, event organizers have designed the type to be less daunting and welcoming to golfers of all ability levels.

Casual golfers prefer this style because they do not have to play a full round with their balls.  As a result, those who are more alert or have lower handicaps will find the game unfavourable, as their chances of winning the tournament are reduced because the golfers are the only ones contributing to the team’s effort.

Scrambles put players together to figure out how to play each hole the best way possible. Try joining a scramble if you’re looking for some variety in your golfing routine. You’ll get to see a different side of golf

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