What Is A Good Golf Score

What is a good golf score

From our point of view, That’s really true Golf is a quite difficult game. Because there has a Difficult option that tells to a Golfer hit on a very small ball carefully and accurately and travel the ball from point A to point B and get it to fall into a small hole that size 3 inches by 3 inches. The point A to Point B Distance length 300- 550 Yards. Some people wanna know what is a good golf score who try a golf game for the first time. In this article, we help you know about what is a good golf Score for Several stage Players.

When a Golfer plays the game he has to throw the small ball into the hole 3 inches by 3 inches facing his many obstacles with high grass and out-of-bounds markers, wind, water, and sand hazards, occasional beer and cigar, bugs, and rain.

For these some difficulties, some players can’t continue Golf. According to the National Golf Foundation data over 2.7 million people left from the game over the 2000-2010 decade.

So, as a beginner Golfer, you must know what is good golf score for a beginner and how can you establish a baseline perfectly. Let’s go talk about the main topic.

To see that what category best matches for you and see which objects you want to reach during your round Use the information mentioned below 

Average suggest score for Several stages players

  • Beginner Score 100 to 115 for 18 Holes
  • Average Score 90 to 95 for 18 Holes
  • High-school score 45 for 9 holes
  • Collegiate 77 to 80 for 18 holes
  • Professional 69 to 71 for 18 Hole

Why Compare your golf score with others?

We never tell you to compare your personal life and golf life with other people. Because Everything Moves at its own pace.

There are many more different difficulties golf game players have to face that’s fall effect on Everyones in a golf game. You are a couple of arrangements of shooting golf scores a lot lower than you are today.

But we know that you are always want to compare scores wither other Golfer around the world. From our point of view, we share with you what is a Good Golf score. In order to make the subject matter beautiful and accurate, we have placed golfers in three different categories.

The first category is a younger golfer, the second category adult golfer, and the third category for a senior golfer. In the article, we try to cover the habits of scoring of the elderly. 

What is a Good Golf score for the younger?

If an 8 years old boy tried to play this game, they didn’t gain the ability as a senior player. A young golfer always gets their same age group when playing, Because they are not able to fully developed yet like an Expert or senior player. 

A young golfer who ages 5 to 12 years, If they can reach 100+ score, obviously they are the best golfer according to their age. 12 to 14 years age high school golfer should be able to break 100+ score. Because they are at the develop muscle power, puberty stage.

Good Golf score for young golfers

  • Lower than 12 years age player: 120 is a good golf score (150 for beginners)
  • 12 years to 14 years age player: 70 to 80 is a good golf score (120 for beginners)
  • 15 years to 18 years age player: low standard and standard golf are acceptable golf scores (90 to for beginners)

Most young golfers start their professional carrier to join at local, state, and national level’s tournaments, so we suggest them lower scores as good golf scores. They have more hours to dedicate to rehearsing the game and a motivation to shape their secondary school group.

Good Golf Score for Adult Beginners

If Adult age people decide to Practice golf in a golf club, and their physical condition, athletic ability is good must they reach around 100 scores within the first few weeks?

According to the National Golf Foundation, 45% of gofers reach 100+ strokes per round. So, it is accepted that a 108 is viewed as a decent score for a novice golf player, which compares to a double bogey on each opening of a standard 72 course.

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