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Golf is one of the most exciting games in the world. There are different types of golf formats around the world. It is very tough to hit the ball into a hole one time. Skilled golfers can do this only. 

Some professional players were never able to hit the ball in the golf hole at one time in the golf tournament. Besides, some amateur players do that in golf competitions. According to the United States Golfer Database, just two players have made a single hole in a five.

In 2002, Michael Crean did it on a 517- yard hole in Denver, Colorado. In 2007, Edward Morrison made his on a 440-yard hole in Henderson, Nevada. 


An ace is hitting a hole-in-one in golf or getting the ball from the tee to the hole in one stroke. The precision and direction of this sort of shot are required. Golf holes range from par 3 to par five, such that the ball is in a spot for three, four or five strokes.

Even a golfer needs to consider the wind, dangers and length to think about a halt-in-one. Beginner golfers should practice a lot with golf balls to acquire knowledge on it. 

Origin of the Name

The name “ace” comes from the name Ace. It is derived from the Latin word which generally presents a boy’s name.

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, an ace represents “a very skilled person” or “a person who excels at something” The golfer who has excelled at mastering that hole is meaning to hit an ace.

Renowned Aces

Based on the current United States Golf Registry, Harold Stilson was the oldest individual who hit a hole-in-one. He hit the ace with a four-iron in 2001, when he was 101 years old. He aced the shot on the 108-yard 16th hole at Deerfield Country Club in Brockport, New York.

Norman Manley has hit 59 holes-in-one in his lifetime, the first of which occurred in 1964. Joel Ludvicek, a blind man, hit an ace on the 178-yard 11th hole at Twin Pines Golf Course in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, when he was 78 years old.

He had previously made an ace, but this was his first after losing his sight. Michael Crean hit a 517-yard ace on the par-five ninth hole at Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in Denver, Colorado.

Report an Ace

The United States Golf Register, whose purpose is to record every hole-in-one in golf, accepts ace reports. Professionals must participate in a nine-hole course at a minimum. They can’t be playing with more than one ball, and they can’t be in a rehearsal round.

They must hit from a makeshift tee to a hole on a putting green with a witness or be declared appropriate by the Golf Register Committee. The player must also provide the golf courses’ location and the hole’s length when reporting the ace.

Odds of an Ace

According to the United States Golf Register, the odds of striking an ace are one in every 33,000 strokes.

A male golfer’s average score per 18-hole round is a little over 100. This means that every 330 games, a golfer will score an ace.

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