What To Do With Old Golf Balls | 9 Ways To Use Old Balls

What to do with old golf balls?

Golf is one of the most interested and popular games all over the world. It is popular around the all-region. Almost every country in the world now sets up golf tournaments. Golf Ball is a basic object of the golf game. There are many types of golf balls found in the market.

Many Golf ball manufacturers are designing practice balls as well as reusable balls. Ball price depends on ball category. These items are frequently seen in great amounts on every golf course. But, because golf balls don’t endure forever, many people are concerned about what happens to them once they’ve fulfilled their purpose.

What are golf balls made of?

There are two parts to a ball. One is core, and another is cover. The core parts of the ball are constructed of rubber. Sometimes it is made with liquid. The rubber-made material is called Balata, and plastic-made is called Surlyn.

The Balata covers are designed for more skilled golfers, while the Surlyn-covered balls are ideal for newcomers. Dimples, or small indentations, may be found all over a golf ball’s surface. Early golf ball makers discovered that adding a sequence of dimples to their balls made them travel farther and spin better, so they began doing so.

After that, the following is history. Golf has been played since the 15th century in Scotland, and balls have been manufactured of various materials since then. The first golf balls were fashioned of wood in the Netherlands.

Feathers were used in the centre of Scottish balls, which were covered in white-painted leather. Golf balls were once manufactured of gutta-percha gum; a sap derived from Asia’s Sapodilla and Bully trees. The first rubber-and-plastic balls were produced in the early twentieth century, and they have been the industry standard ever since.

Are Golf Balls Biodegradable?

Golf Balls are not biodegradable objects. This is because they take time to decompose or decay. Rubber and plastics are considered non-biodegradable because they are resistant to decomposition into small fragments in the ground.

Polyurethane is the name for the specific type of plastic used to make golf balls. Polyurethane is a synthetic/artificial rubber polymer and a highly durable compound.

It’s the same kind of material used in throwaway and single-use plastic items. Unfortunately, it’s also the same kind of plastic floating about in the oceans and other bodies of water, polluting the ecosystem and endangering the lives of countless aquatic animals.

Because of the element polyurethane, which is included in the plastic and rubber used to make these balls, they cannot naturally decay. Still, they may be sliced or broken into smaller pieces of plastic, putting our environment and the natural world at risk.

While striking a golf ball might be a lot of fun, it’s important to remember that it can be harmful to your immediate surroundings. As a result, companies have created innovative methods of producing biodegradable golf balls to counteract the threat posed by these balls.

This effort aims to make golf more enjoyable for individuals and golfers while also decreasing plastic litter and limiting its negative impacts on the environment and resources.

You can use balls for different works. Here we mention some ways to use old balls.

1. Donate the Balls

Do you have a collection of old and worn golf balls stashed in the corner of your house that you have no idea what to do with? Rather than risking the harm and hazards that these things pose to resources and the environment in general, you may easily give them to persons, institutions, and organizations who use them.

Many people may refuse to do so because they believe it is a gift, but this is not always the case. You can turn your unwanted and outdated golf balls into cash by donating them. There are several organizations, school clubs, businesses, and initiatives dedicated to this goal. You may freely give them your used golf balls in exchange for a reward.

2. Massager

Take one or two golf balls and rub these over any tight muscles you may have. For a wonderful back massage, place a pair of golf balls on the ground and lie down on them. During a recent road trip through the Midwest, I found myself driving with a golf ball in my hand to ease neck stress. Golf balls may also be used to massage the arches of your feet.

3. Light Dimmer Switch

You can transform a boring circular dimmer switch into a golf-inspired dimmer switch like this one with just a drill and a long screw. Of course, you can use the entire ball, but cutting it in half could work as well.

4. Drainage for Potted Plants

Fill a container halfway with golf balls, then fill the rest with soil. Water will be able to drain more readily through the golf balls, reducing the risk of overwatering. In addition, plant roots are less likely to decay as a result of increased drainage.

5. Table Cloth Weight

You’ve got everything ready for the party, but the tablecloth keeps blowing away. To keep your old golf balls from being blown away by the wind, the best thing to do is utilize them. Unfortunately, this will be impossible due to the weight of the balls.

6. Tool For Tenderizing Meat

You may also use used golf balls for this project. What happens if you don’t have access to a convenient kitchen mallet for beating your steak? Using your old white balls, you can improvise one.

All you have to do is take your golf ball and roll it over the steak while applying pressure. However, because you are dealing with an edible material, make sure the golf ball you intend to utilize for this reason is tidy and clean.

7. Laundry Ball

We’re getting into the area of pseudoscience here, but some firms have produced specially made balls that promise to clean your clothing without the need for soap when added to your washing cycle. Although the claims of these goods have been widely disproven, some doubters believe that the mechanical motion of a ball in the laundry might be beneficial. If that’s the case, an old golf ball will suffice.

8. Craft Projects

Golf balls are ideal for creative projects because of their consistent shape and size. For example, you may use them to construct snowman-shaped Christmas tree decorations or glue them together to form caterpillars, ants, and other critters. In addition, you can paint white golf balls or look for colorful spheres for your varied projects.

9. Decorating Garden

If you garden as a pastime, you’re well aware of the time and effort it takes to make it look beautiful. You may add some golf balls to your decor in addition to growing bright flowers and greener grass to provide vitality to your backyard garden.

You may either use these balls to indicate a walkway or line them up around the lawn to make a border. Another option is to scatter the balls across your yard to mimic white pebbles on the beach. When you have a few plants in your garden, this approach is ideal since it makes them stand out and be seen, compared to before, when visitors would see soil and mulch between the plants.

If you have golf balls of various colors, you may arrange them in various shapes and designs to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden. Some individuals have gone so far as to make butterfly and ant models out of golf balls and scatter them across their gardens. However, you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to using golf balls to decorate your landscape.


Even when it is old and out of use, a golf ball, like any other sporting object, has many applications. Because they can’t be recycled, the best alternative is to develop creative methods to use them so that they don’t hurt the environment. You may also opt to donate them to individuals and organizations in exchange for a reward.

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