Why Is Golf So Hard | Know The Reasons Behind It


Golf is a pretty challenging game. Many experts and sportsmen said that it is a hard game to play. But at the beginning level, it is not difficult. If you want to play at a very high level, it isn’t easy. Few reasons that make golf is challenging. 

Suppose you are a beginner or confused about your abilities. In that case, we will discuss some tips to clear your confusion. This article will discuss why golf is so complex and make it easier using some basic formulas.

Why is golf so hard?

For the average golfer, golf is always challenging to play. They make too many bad shots. Most amateur golfers hit poor shots because of ability levels. For perfect golf swing, golf professionals do thousands of hours of practice. Hours of practice make sure competitive golfers hit maximum distance. 

There are so many different types of factors involved in golf; that’s why it is hard to play. The main factors are Physical factors, mental factors, accuracy factors, and course golf course factors.

During your time on the golf course, it will continue to develop and change. Another thing that makes golf so hard is the pace of play. 

Let’s have a look at those things that make golf so tricky.

The Physical aspect of golf

If you follow golf games regularly, you may realize that the game is more and more dependent on physical strength. Players have to be more physically strong to play this game. It used to be that no matter what your appearance or physical condition was, you could learn to play.

If you spend more time in the gym, you will get more success in this game. Physical conditioning was a relatively new notion for golfers since it was not considered to have much impact on the game.

Beginner or average golfers have to work on their physical conditioning to hit the golf ball longer. It has had a strong influence on his playing, and he is no longer outdriving many of the tour’s best.

This showed how important the physical aspect of the game is. You’ll need more strength and a little less greasy if you want to increase your distance and speed.

Golfers who are in superior physical shape can not only hit the ball longer, but they can also hit it more accurately. People will become fatigued after the round when weariness sets in, and they will hit bad strokes.

Those in superior physical shape can go through the day without becoming exhausted and missing shots. Golfers must have robust hand-eye synchronization in addition to being in good physical condition.

You probably have strong hand-eye coordination if you were the cleanup hitter for your minor baseball team and the ping pong champion at every BBQ.

If you can’t make contact with a ball thrown at you, golf is likely to be difficult for you. You’ll be a better golfer if you have greater hand-eye coordination.

Mental Aspects of golf

An essential point in golf is the mental game. If you’re new to the game, you might not realize how both excellent and negative ideas can impact your golf game. How often have you promised yourself that you won’t hit the ball in the water just to hit it there?

When it comes to your golfing success, your mentality plays a significant role. If you intend to play this game for a long time, it’s a good idea to begin researching mental techniques and thinking.

Including these mental methods and statements, you should have a genuine conversation with yourself about your talents. It’s lovely if you hit the ball 230 yards; if you keep saying you hit it 250, you’re going to be in trouble.

Make an honest assessment of your golf abilities so that you may alter your mental game appropriately. You may take several activities to begin assisting yourself in achieving the mental level required to excel in golf.

Sometimes all it takes is a couple of good swing thoughts to have you on your path to shooting lower scores.

Changing one’s mental game might be more successful than changing one’s physical play. Remember that the mental game also applies to the putting green, chipping green, and tee.

The Golf Club

The golf club is another reason why golf is so challenging. Not only does the golf course alter from round to round, but it also changes throughout your play. Because of the early dew, the course may be wet, and the greens may be slower if you play golf at 7 a.m.

The fairways will be dry by the time you reach the 18th hole, and the ball may roll an extra five yards or so. This is not to say that there is the best time to play golf; instead, the golf course is constantly changing.

If you’re aware of this, it can help you improve your golf game substantially. Each time you play golf, the weather will be different.

Humidity and coldness will affect how the ball behaves, as well as how your body reacts. Some golf courses are just more difficult than others.

When you look at a golf course like Bethpage Black, which has hosted the US Open, there is even a disclaimer that the system is problematic. You read the notice before teeing off, and it says that you should not try the course unless you are an expert golfer.

We’re not sure what else would turn off a new player if that doesn’t work. Golf courses can also be quite simple, making the game easier to play.

However, only a tiny percentage of golfers have ever managed to “master” even a simple course.


The management of a golf course differs from the management of a golf course. Another reason golf is so challenging is because of course management. When playing a sport like basketball, you have the full court in front of you.

You can see where you’re headed, and all of the essentials are laid out for you. You are confined to a specific region, even though you can snap photos from many various positions.

You’re dealing with miles and miles of open space when you look at a golf course. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to any hole.

You have the option of hitting a seven iron or a driver off the tee. You’ll need to negotiate the dangers and problems on the course regardless of the club you choose to hit.

Some people are better at it than others. You will have an easier time with the game if you have a lesser handicap and can keep out of trouble.

Golf may be difficult and frustrating for higher handicappers who hit from one sand trap to the next. Learning to manage the golf course requires patience and some honesty with oneself about the course’s difficulty.

Is golf the most challenging game to play?

Some people think golf is one of the most challenging games to play. Is it true?

Professional golfers of all levels will tell you that it gets close if it isn’t the most challenging game out there. With all of the variables involved in golf and how quickly the game may change from one day to the next, it’s no surprise that it’s a challenging sport to master.

Polo is another sport that is frequently compared to golf in terms of difficulty. The great thing about golf is that you can still have a wonderful time no matter how difficult it is.

You don’t have to score par to have a good time on the golf course. That is what attracts a diverse group of gamers to this game.

Sometimes all it takes is one big hit to make you want to try it again the following week.

Some practical ways to make golf less complicated

Golf is a challenging game, but some people make it more difficult it needs to be. To be a professional golfer, you have to give up some bad habits in playing time. Athletic ability make this most challenging game easier. Only physical skills can not give you success in major tournaments. 

 To advance in golf and take advantage of golf, you need to spend lots of time. Proper practice with physical activity can make an average person to elite golfers.

You can do a few things to make golf a more straightforward and perhaps more enjoyable sport.


You will begin to lose your ability to hit the golf ball if you have many swing ideas. Too many ideas in your head will make swinging the golf club back nearly impossible.

It’s OK to have a couple of swing thoughts, but things start to go nasty when you have four, five, or six.

Pick one or two good swing concepts and stick with them if you want to simplify the game.

Play with the proper equipment

You’re trying to make things more complicated than it needs to be if you’re using equipment that’s too outdated or isn’t made out for you. Large sweet areas and forgiving club heads are among the latest golf equipment innovations. The club heads enable you to launch the ball significantly higher into the air while also going further.

It will be difficult to lower your scores if you play with golf equipment that is not forgiving or too heavy for you. Keeping the iron shots in the golf bag is one of the most common errors made by novice golfers. Long irons are difficult to hit; but, hitting a hybrid is considerably more accessible and enjoyable.

There is no reason to keep a three-iron in your golf bag if you have a handicap of more than 10. There is no reason to keep a four iron in your golf bag if you have a handicap of more than fifteen. There is no reason to keep a five iron in your golf bag if you have a handicap of more than twenty.

If you replace these irons with hybrids, you’ll see an immediate improvement in your ability to knock shots out of the rough and softly land on the green from long distances.

Play from the correct tees

Another technique to make golf more enjoyable is to play in the appropriate location. You don’t need to join your pals if they all shoot 80 and play from the tips. Find a tee that makes the game easier for you to handle. Try not to force yourself to play from a challenging tee.

If you shoot an average of 85 or lower, you should aim to play from around 6000 yards. If your score is over 85, don’t be scared to play from a tee shorter than 6000 yards. You’ll have a lot more fun playing golf, and you’ll start shooting scores that make you want to come back and play again.


Golf is a challenging game that is also a lot of fun. If you enjoy this game, the difficulty will not deter you from returning to play round after round.

Golf is so tricky that it does not deter people from playing the game; instead, it attracts them. People enjoy the challenge of a challenging game that allows them to spend time outside, especially given how simple things have gotten in this society.

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