Why Oversize Golf Grips Improve Your Game


Are you a golfer? Do you want to improve your game? If you want to improve your game, you have to know why oversize golf grips improve your game. Nowadays, oversized golf grips are getting popular day by day. 

These grips were formerly kept to aid old citizens suffering from physical. This has changed a lot in the last several years. Players are discovering that moving to large grips has some major advantages, as long as you can strike with them.

This article is not for you if you play golf with a little cadet golf glove. Without offering up too much of our valuable knowledge, you must have a specific hand size to play with a large golf grip. Oversized golf grips are mostly utilized by players who have bigger hands.

When a golfer with larger hands utilizes an enlarged golf grip, they will have enhanced wrist movement, reduced grip pressure, discomfort alleviation, and maybe better ball trajectory. Undoubtedly, any golfer might get acclimated to all of these advantages. 

Many schools teach their trainees the value of having a personalized golf club, but they don’t teach them that poor golf grips cause many problems.

Many golfers use an industry-standard chart to determine their grip size. The golfer is encouraged to compute the width between his wrist crease and the top of his middle finger, then verify that measurement to the chart to determine his grip size.

While this is beneficial to the golfer, it is clear that each golfer’s hands are unique, and each golfer needs to recognize that what works for one golfer may not work for him. It’s just a question of trial and error at this point. 

Benefits Of Using Oversized Golf Grips

Grip Pressure

It’s easier to hold a golf grip harder if it’s tiny. There are many types of grip in the market. Golf grip size is also important for the golfer. Standard Golf Grips played an important role in playing. While this might make a man feel like they have better control over the golf course, it also adds additional grip pressure. A higher grip pressure will result in low shots and more misses. Grip force that is too firm will limit your swing’s movement. 

Wrist Action

Players that have enough wrist motion in their swing speed may benefit from a larger golf grip. You’ll need your wrists to flip over throughout your golf swing, but you won’t be able to use them to improve ball flight or control the path of the ball. Golfers with overly responsive wrists will benefit from the broader grip’s ability to reduce wrist motion. 

Assistance in Ball Trajectory

The enlarged grips can assist golfers with long fingers feel like they have a greater hold on the club without grasping it too tightly. Any time a golfer gains more control over the golf club, they will compress it more effectively.

Pain Relief And Comfort

If you have arthritis, a bigger golf grip might reduce the amount of bending your fingers are required to grasp the golf club. For many years, senior golfers have used middle-sized and large golf grips to increase productivity in all their clubs. 

Helps in Improving Ball Trajectory

The way a golfer handles his club determines the trajectory of the flight of the ball. If the golfer’s hands are not properly aligned, he or she may wind up hooking or slicing the ball. Oversized grips aid in obtaining a solid grip on the club, which enhances the ball trajectory instantly and drastically.

Once the golfer’s wrists roll through that and if you have the yips and are particularly handy or shaky with your strokes, oversized golf grips provide additional leverage in the putting stroke. They can assist the golfer in eliminating this, or in other words, neutralizing the excessive flip. This aids in achieving more impact and consistency in golf strokes. 

Custom-made large golf grips assist absorb stress and increase the golfer’s “comfort level.”

When a golfer misses the shot, it can cause soreness in the wrists and palms.

Oversized grips assist in reducing discomfort and gaining a better overall grasp on the club and the game. 

How do oversized grips help in putting?

The player’s handling of the club is the most critical aspect of a successful putt. When putting, a golfer’s wrists may bend throughout the stroke, which can be extremely damaging to the shot. The hands and wrists must stay firm and hang together like a boomerang from the shoulders.

If a golfer’s wrists are hinging, he can benefit from a larger grip. 

What exactly do they do to assist?

While bigger grips aid in club control, they also lessen wrist break, lowering the risk of the ball slipping off in a different path. The hand can be positioned side by side instead of adopting the traditional reverse overlap grip. This can aid in lessening one hand’s dominance over the other. The end consequence is a decrease in excessive wrist motion and a boost in striking efficiency. 

Are Oversized Grips Better for large or small hands?

A large grip might be a mistake for golfers with tiny hands. Oversized grips can make it difficult for golfers to release the golf ball, resulting in some really bad strokes in terms of flight and location.

If you have smaller hands and suspect that your wrist movement is inadequate, a regular-sized golf grip may be preferable.

If you have tiny hands and arthritis, a softer grip, such as a Winn grip, maybe an excellent option.

These grips will not be as big as an enormous or jumbo golf grip, but they will have lots of additional cushions and cushioning to make playing more pleasant. 

Are Jumbo Golf Grips Good For Arthritis?

For arthritic sufferers, jumbo golf grips might be beneficial. Arthritis may be so severe for some golfers that they are unable to play the game. If you’re on the edge of leaving the game due to hand agony, the gigantic grips are a good place to start.

One of the most difficult things for golfers with arthritis is having to flex their fingers.

To get the club in the proper position when playing golf, your fingers must bend quite a little.

Fortunately, a large grip reduces the amount of bending required of the fingers. 

Golfers with arthritis will be able to maintain their hands in a more natural posture. Though the grip may be a little unusual, it will be worth it if it allows a golfer to stay on the course rather than waiting in the clubhouse for his companions to finish their game. 

How To Know If You Are Using The Wrong Sized Grips

For years, many golfers have used the wrong-sized golf grips without realizing they could adjust them.

The fact that you’re aware of the various grip sizes and read this article will put you ahead of the competition.

If you are a player who wears an XL or Small glove, you may need to consider adjusting your grip size. If a medium or jumbo golf grip is too big for you, there are various options for increasing grip size. 

A layer of double-sided tape is placed under your golf grips. The double-sided tape is intended to secure your golf grip to the club and prevent it from moving throughout your swing.

The tape can be applied in a single layer or many layers.

By increasing the number of layers of tape on the grip, you may make it thicker and more suitable for larger hands. When you get a custom fit, one of the first things you should do is figure out what sort of grip would work best for your hand.

If you don’t want to get fitted but think your golf clubs are the wrong grip size for you, you may go to a local club repair shop and have your hand measured. 

You may generally test a few different clubs with regular, midsized, and large grips to find which one feels most natural to you. If you have the opportunity, attempt to take a few swings with the grip on.

When it comes to grips, the way they feel at setup might differ from how they feel during impact.

Before you re grip your complete set of golf clubs, you should critically explore both options. 

How NonTapered Golf Grips Affect Your Game

The majority of golf grips are tapered. The butt end of the grip is thicker than the bottom end of the grip, which is where your lower hand is located. A grip that is the same thickness from top to bottom has become popular among certain golfers.

The non-tapered grip reduces grip pressure in the dominant hand and gives the player the impression that both hands work together. This is what they’re talking about when they say a +4 grip.

To get the bottom section of the grip to match the width of the top section, they wrapped four more wraps of tape around it. 

What do PGA Tour Champions say about the Oversize Grips?

According to Paul Scott Runyan, one of the world’s top golfers in the 1930s, Golf clubs with wide handles produce a solid stroke. In 1934 and 1938, Paul won the PGA Championship tours.

John Daly, who has won five PGA tours and a total of 18 professional tours, wrapped three or four wraps of tape under his putter grip to keep his wrists from becoming strained. In contrast, Bubba Watson, who has won 12 PGA tours and a total of 14 professional tours, also bulked up the size of his putter grip. 

In 2007, K.J. Choi, a 29-time professional tour champion, is credited with establishing a trend when he utilized the SuperStroke Fatso grip on his putter to win the AT&T National in 2007, the Sony Open in 2008, and The Players Championship in 2011.

Choi claimed that utilizing these grips improved his wrist mobility, which helped him improve his strokes. During the 2013 John Deere Classic, Jordan Spieth, the winner, used SuperStroke’s Flatso Ultra-grip. When he put the thick grip on his club, he found that he could get both of his thumbs on the grip simultaneously. 

Final Verdict

Oversize grips aren’t for everyone, but they might be a lifesaver if you have arthritis or joint discomfort.

If you’re having trouble hitting the ball straight, consider using a bulkier grip on your irons and woods.

You could like it, or you could despise it.

Unless you’re a natural putter, we recommend giving it a shot on the greens. Your putter’s thick grip will help you control your stroke and roll the ball more consistently. More putts go in the hole when the roll is more constant. As your putts drop, your scores and handicap will begin to fall. 

Don’t forget about the size of your grips if you appreciate the challenge of golf and are always looking for ways to enhance your game. 

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